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Institute of Molecular Cancer Research


Medical Faculty

IMCR members contribute to basic training of medical students in molecular and cellular biology.

Vst-Nr. 3077      Molekulare Zellbiologie I (Vorlesungen 1. Studienjahr Human- und Zahnmedizin)

Vst-Nr. 2392      Molekulare Zellbiologie II (Vorlesungen 1. Studienjahr Human- und Zahnmedizin)

Teachers from IMCR: A. Mueller, A. Sartori


Science Faculty - Biology / Biomedicine curricula

IMCR members coordinate and contribute to theoretical lectures and practical courses at Bachelor and Master level in the Biology and the Biomedicine curricula, covering various aspects of molecular oncology, with a strong emphasis on the role of (epi)genetic instability and of the immune system in cancer.

Theoretical lectures:

BIO 257     DNA metabolism and cancer
Module coordinator: M. Lopes
Additional teachers from IMCR: A. Sartori, A. Porro, L. Penengo, P. Janscak

BIO 251     Cancer and the immune system
Module coordinator: A. Mueller
Additional teacher from IMCR: A. Weber

BIO 243     Epigenetics
Module coordinator: A. Porro
Additional teacher from IMCR: G. Marra

BME 236    Biomedicine I
Teacher from IMCR: L. Penengo

Practical block courses:

BIO246     Genome Instability and Molecular Cancer Research
Module coordinator: M. Lopes
Additional teachers from IMCR: A. Mueller, A. Sartori

BIO 247    Cellular Response to Genotoxic Stress
Module coordinator: L. Penengo
Additional teacher from IMCR: P. Janscak


Teaching at other Universities

ETH, D-BIOL, 551-1100-00S Infectious agents: From molecular biology to disease.
Teacher from IMCR: A. Mueller


Master Program in Cancer Biology

PhD Program in Cancer Biology
Affiliated PIs from IMCR: P. Janscak, M. Lopes, G. Marra, A. Mueller, L. Penengo, A. Sartori, A. Weber
Besides mentoring PhD students within the program, IMCR members regularly contribute to the following compulsory courses for all PhD students: